What is
 100% Natural




Decorwall is ideal in winter for cold and in summer for hot walls. You are heating the room and not the walls. Basic ingredients implemented in Decorwall are 100% natural materials such as cotton, natural wool and cellulose. These materials are by their technical characteristics of low thermal conductivity, and thus allow thermal insulation of the surface on which decorative wall coat is applied. Coefficient of thermal insulation is moving from 0032 to 0085 kcl / mhCo depending on the cotton or wool types, but in favor of wool varieties.

Studies have shown that 35% of heat is lost throughout the walls, depending on the thickness and composition of wall materials. One application of Decorwall will reduce heat loss trough the walls by 5-15% which is a significant way of savings on an annual basis. The amount of saved energy on two-year bases covers investment.

Condensation and Mold
Natural materials implemented in Decorwall are extremely hydroscopic and of low thermal conductivity. If you have cold walls and at the same time hot air of high humidity in the room, the conditions are ideal for condensation to appear. Decorwall acts as an insulating layer that prevents heat to go out of the room. At high air humidity materials such as cellulose, cotton and wool absorb moisture, and on the contrary in conditions of low humidity moisture evaporates. Direct application of Decorwall on surfaces where condensation and mold are already present is not recommend. To achive more permanent solution, it is recommended to apply a layer of foam, styrodur or Rigotherm plates, prior to Decorwall application. Doing so you will avoid risk of mold and condsation recurrence

Efficient, fast and inexpensive solution
for decoration and insulation of cold and mold walls.

1. Clean the mold with bleaching agents, wash and apply antimildew remedy.
2. Glue up on prepared surface, Stirodur or Styrofoam plates (1.5-2.5 inches thick)
3. Apply two coats of acrylic primer - which will serve as a vapor barrier.
4. Apply Decorwall "ALL in ONE coat": Decoration + Extra insulation +
easily Covers unsightly cracks, holes, scrapes + save - "DO IT YOURSELF".

DECORwall is patented and protected by law. Any copying is strictly forbidden.