100% Natural
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 100% Natural



Made from 100% natural materials

DECORwall is a unique, ecologically sensitive interior decorative covering made exclusively from premium quality wool, cotton, cellulose and other natural materials.

DECORwall is ODORLESS, Ph-netrual and 100% NON-TOXIC - consists entirely of natural materials. Its perfectly safe to handle with bare hands. Natural composition allows walls to breathe. USER FRIENDLY. No mess; unnecessary to cover floors and carpets during application. Simply reapply any droppings. DECORwall can be applied in all weather conditions even in winter. Ideal for children's rooms, hospitals and any premises where there are high hygiene requirements.

Our product is awarded with gold medal at International Fair of the technical improvements - Belgrade 2001. Its the patented, certified and protected by law.

NYC Dept. of Buildings MEA # 443-04-M,
ASTM E84 - Surface Burning and smoke
Approved UPitt test for toxicity.


DECORwall is patented and protected by law. Any copying is strictly forbidden.