What is DECORwall?
 What is
 100% Natural



DECORwall ®
"Nature in your home."
A New, Sophisticated Wall Covering Alternative.
An Excellent Long-term Investment

DECORwall is a unique, ecologically sensitive interior decorative covering made
exclusively from premium quality wool, cotton, cellulose and other natural materials.

DECORwall’S refreshingly new tones and textures creates a warmth and beauty that truly enhances the appearance of every environment, while also having numerous practical and financial advantages over traditional paints and wallpapers.

1001 USES - ADHERES TO VIRTUALLY EVERY SURFACE: DECORwall can be applied directly onto plastered, primed or stabilized painted walls and ceilings, plus virtually any other dry indoor surface, including metal and wood doors and cabinets, windows, wallpaper, panelling, furniture, appliances, radiators, pipes, cinder blocks, cement, bricks, posts, columns, lamps, switch plates, frames, ornaments, etc., etc. Even create murals, pictures and designs by combining different DECORwall colors.

PREMIUM QUALITY ALL NATURAL INTERIOR WALL COVERING A refreshing alternative to traditional wallpaper & paint

  • Health and beautiful to live with
  • Easy to apply - no waste or mess
  • Odorless and 100% non-toxic
  • Long lasting- durable- practical
  • Will not crack or peel
  • Covers minor defects
  • Warms walls in winter - cools in summer
  • Energy efficient - reduces fuel bills
  • Absorbs sound & muffles noise
  • Does not burn or smoke
  • Easy to clean and repair

DECORwall is patented and protected by law. Any copying is strictly forbidden.